A paradigm shift has occurred, offering an alternative to a former way of
doing business. Many current retailers in the pet industry are embracing the
opportunity to help animals in need by working with rescue groups, shelters or
holding adoption events at their store rather than selling pets from high-volume
breeders (aka puppy mills).

Small business owners are opening pet boutiques that offer adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., while offering great services. As more people are aware of the connection between puppy mills and pet
stores, it seems irresponsible for consumers and retailers to support a cruel
and inhumane breeding industry when so many healthy, adoptable pets die at local
shelters for no reason other than space.

Retailers and customers are  smarter and more connected than ever before. The current marketplace is extremely transparent. With the increased usage of social media, consumers are
able to speak directly with businesses, not to mention fellow consumers. More
than ever, customers review and rate their experiences and share them online
with others — hundreds if not thousands of others. It is said that the most
successful marketing is “word of mouth.”

 Customers notice when retailers demonstrate best business practices. Those
businesses are trusted, appreciated and continuously patronized by the

-Ida Noack

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