I used to sell puppy mill puppies at my store.  I would get them at 8 weeks old because that is when they are cutest. I found out later to get puppies by that age; they have to be taken from their moms by 4-6 weeks old, before having healthy immune systems and socialization skills.  From the mills, they go to broker facilities where they are given their first puppy shots. Then, they are put back on a truck and hauled to multiple states over many days for delivery.  By the time the truck got to my store, 3-4 of the puppies I had ordered would be missing from the truck and the respond was always (they were sick so we left them behind) but I’m sure they died in route due to the trauma. I would go inside the truck and look at the puppies through the peep holes in the cages. I chose the ones I wanted.  The truck driver would offer me the sicker ones at a reduced price just to get rid of them.  I can only imagine what happened to the ones that weren’t bought off the truck. I would get instructions on how to medicate the puppies to make them temporarily feel and look better so that they would sell quickly once in the store. 

Puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills where they are overbred.  They have a very high risk of dying from genetic defects lather on in life. The pet store, however, is off the hook for this after a year, before the genetic deficiencies appear. I stopped selling puppy mill puppies at my pet store because I wanted to do the right and humane thing.  Now, I help dogs and cats from the animal shelters find homes.

Rene Karapetian, Owner

The Pet Rush Inn

115 W. Linden Avenue

Burbank, CA  91502


Whitney Smith

Thank you Rene at The Pet Rush Inn! You are a good person and a moral person to be able to see what you formerly thought was ok and then changed to make a big difference for the better! My grandmother was the most compassionate person but she grew up thinking fur coats were "glamorous." Along her journey she found out how horribly the "farmed" fur animals are treated and then killed. She quietly put away the fox stole in her 40s and never wore it again. I am 1,000 times more encouraged when i see people who can change their point of view to a fully humane action. Thank you for sharing your honest story and I will go out of my way to patronize your store!!


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