A simple deduction:  Responsible breeders adhere to Codes of Ethics.  The Codes of Ethics state they won’t sell to pet stores.  So, if pet stores are selling these types of puppies, among others, they
are not coming from responsible breeders, they are coming from puppy mills.  
Here are a few excepts of Codes of Ethics from various breeds:
- Yorkshire Terrier Club of America:  “Puppies will not be sold or consigned to pet stores….”

- Boston Terrier Club of America:   “Sell no Boston Terrier to a commercial facility, puppy broker, pet shop,  puppy mill or their agent.”

- French Bull Dog Club of America:   “As a member of the French Bull  Dog Club of America, I will not sell a French Bulldog to any commercial  facility, puppy broker, pet shop, puppy mill or agent

- American Maltese Association:   “I will not…deal with commercial retailers…nor supply dogs for raffles,  “give-away” prizes or other such projects.

 -Dachsund Club of America:   “To never supply a Dachshund to pet shops, commercial brokers or

 -National Labrador Retriever Club:   “Under no circumstances will an ethical breeder…sell to pet dealers or  retailers….”

 Burbank City Council should pass an ordinance, with no grandfathering provision, banning the sale of commercially bred animals unless  they come from registered non-profit animal rescue, adoption or shelter  organizations.  Recycling and  water conservation programs along with smoking bans exist because we have more knowledge about sustainability and health.  Now, we have more knowledge about  the puppy mill industry.  It is  inhumane and does not work in our society any longer when we are killing  millions of healthy animals for no reason other than there is not enough space  for them.  
For a list of more Dog Breeder’s Codes of Ethics you can go to
the individual websites or www.dogplay.com/Breeding/coe.html
-Connie Rinicker

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