Sweeping under the rug” is getting to be a common theme with Councilman David Gordon. At
the Oct. 16 meeting on the puppy mill ordinance, where there was standing room
only for supporters of the ban on the sale of commercially bred dogs
and cats, evidence was presented that proved Peggy Woods Pet Emporium gets its
puppies from these places. The owner of the store even admitted he needed to do
a better job checking the source of his puppies.

Gordon tried to sweep it under the rug, instead leading the discussion in another direction saying
even if the puppies come from the mills, stopping his friend’s pet store from
selling them will do nothing to create a solution to the problem. Then, at the
Nov. 14 meeting, a speaker questioned Gordon’s ability to remain neutral on this
issue when it has been discovered that he failed to disclose his son worked for
Peggy Woods Pet Emporium.

Gordon  again swept that under the rug, instead turning on the speaker saying his son
was being attacked, instead of confronting the substance of the comments.
Hopefully, Gordon will abstain from speaking at the Dec. 11 meeting on this
issue because it is doubtful he can remain unbiased.

Lindsay  Reeves

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