I was deeply saddened at the October 16th meeting on the Puppy Mill Ordinance.  Councilmember Gordon said there was no proof that his friends pet store was selling commercially bred puppies, yet when proof from the United States Department of Agriculture obtained over months of hard work by a dedicated group showing otherwise was presented, he swept it under the rug. 

Councilmember Gordon interrogates staff condescendingly on a regular basis, yet with proof staring him in the face that his friend gets his puppies from mills where the parents live on wire flooring without proper vet care, nutrition, exercise or human touch, he says cut his friend a break.

Councilmember Gordon also admonished Burbank citizens and his fellow councilmembers when he said  “You’re not going to do a thing or a very small thing to interfere with this” and “You will not stop the abuses, any of us.”   Were we to take Councilman Gordon’s view, we would all sit complacently by and be followers, never leading, never encouraging our youth to believe that they can make change in our City, our State, our County, our World. 

It is important for our leaders to believe that our little City of Burbank can be an example.  Several decades ago after an incident at KNBC, our then City Council wanted the State of California to make it mandatory that toy gun makes be required to put a bright orange tip on the barrel so people would know when it was a toy guy or not.  Today that law is in place.  Imagine the countless lives saved…all originating from our little City of Burbank.

It was crystal clear that Councilmember Gordon thinks we should never try anything because we people, in the City of Burbank, can’t make a difference.   

I disagree. 

Shelley Rizzotti Burbank, CA  91506

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