December 5, 2012

I  have been following the evolving accounts about the Burbank “puppy mill
ordinance” and support it without grandfathering in existing pet stores.

 I'm a 38-year Burbank resident, and over those years purchased purebred puppies 
from breeders as well as rescued strays from the streets. All have been wonderful
additions to our family.

 I  do not believe that this ordinance would take away anyone's right to purchase a
pet from a breeder. Hopefully, it redirects them to a responsible breeder. A
listing of approved breeders is available on the American Kennel Club website.
Responsible breeders make every effort to strengthen their breed by breeding
better dogs each generation. They keep a small number of dogs and limit the number of
litters for the mother's health.

Reputable breeders have their breeding  stock tested and certified for health issues
related to the breed, such as  vision, hearing and hips. They will guarantee the health of their puppies by  taking the pet back, exchanging, rebating or refunding. They will educate about
their breed and its care while also asking the buyer questions about their
lifestyle to ensure that the new home is a proper fit.

Dogs in puppy mills live in deplorable conditions, and in many cases the offspring
develop  genetic health conditions leaving buyers responsible for huge veterinary bills
or leaving them heartbroken should their puppy not survive. Pet-store puppies
are most likely acquired from “mills” because an ethical breeder will not sell
to a third party such as a broker, distributor or pet store. Responsible
breeders are not profit-driven. They are devoted to their love of the breed.
Denise Taylor

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