I regard Burbank as a cutting-edge and progressive city. However, I was
extremely disheartened to find that the city is behind the curve in the national
effort to ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores. Puppies for sale in
pet stores usually come from puppy mills, which breed dogs for profit only,
keeping puppies and dogs in cruel and inhumane conditions. These puppies are
often abused and quite ill. People looking for a lovable companion will find an
abundance of loving puppies and dogs in the Burbank and Los Angeles animal
shelters, desperately waiting for a home.

Every puppy purchased from a pet store contributes to the Burbank and Los Angeles crisis of pet
overpopulation and equals another animal the cities must euthanize. Nearly
100,000 pets were euthanized in 2011 in greater Los Angeles animal shelters.
Dogs purchased in pet stores are not spayed or neutered, so the possibility of
these animals contributing to the overpopulation epidemic and further crowding
the Burbank Animal Shelter is extremely high.

There are so many pet stores that actually care about pets and are successful in
joining with local shelters to assist in the adoption of homeless puppies.
Please, City Council, join the national trend and ban the sale of puppies in pet
stores. It's a moral imperative.

-Kim Batchko

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